Braven BRV-BANK 6000mAh Ultra Rugged IPX5 Bluetooth Backup Battery


The BRAVEN BRV-BANK Smart, Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery revolutionizes power on-the-go as the world's first Bluetooth®-enabled, USB-controlled power bank. Used with the free BRV-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App, you have complete wireless control of your BRV-BANK and Braven's distinct Bear and S.O.S. safety features. Available in a 6000 mAh battery size, this ruggedized power bank is built with an IPX5 water-resistant rubber exterior and is designed to power you wherever you go.


  • RECHARGE: use the ruggedised cloth-wrapped USB cable with sealed ends to charge your BRV-BANK
  • DOUBLE PORTS: Dual outlets support up to 3.4 combined power and can be controlled remotely using the BRV-BANK App. Charge two USB-chrged devices at the same time., including a smartphone and a tablet
  • FLASHLIGHT: included USB flashlight for use in the dark, to signal SOS or to flaw when in Bear Mode
  • WEATHERPROOF: IPX5 water-resistant rating
  • POWER ON: Use the power button to turn the BANK™ on and off
  • BLUETOOTH®: Wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth® enabled device
  • RUGGED: Built to take on the outdoors with high-grade materials and soft-touch coating
  • LED LIGHTS: Five LED lights indicate which ports are being used and indicate remaining battery
  • VERSATILE ACCESSORIES: includes a hanging lanyard, a rubberised USB flashlight, and a ruggedised cloth-wrapped USB charging cable with sealed ends
  • FULL COVERAGE: Silicone cover ensures full coverage of ports to guard against dust, drops and water



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