iStabilizer tabFlex Tripod Mount for iPad and Tablets

Secure your iPad, iPad mini, or other tablet to virtually ANY surface - with the iStabilizer tabFlex (Patent Pending). Secure your tablet to a car headrest, tree branch, pole, fence, tripod, desk, kitchen countertop, or anything else you can think of. Just a tiny accessory to make a huge impact in how you use your tablet, the iStabilizer tabMount is a favorite accessory for tablet users everywhere. The iStabilizer tabFlex will even cradle your device while in your preferred case*.



Will this hold an iPad and iPad mini? Yes, it holds both devices. The tabMount will hold the iPad from side to side and the iPad mini from top to bottom. Then you just swivel the ball head to arrange in landscape or portrait mode. Note: The tabFlex allows you to use the iPad and iPad mini in both horizontal and vertical positions.
If I buy this tabFlex will I need the tabMount too? No, the tabFlex comes with the tabMount already included. You can remove the tabMount and use it on any other standard tripod as well.
I don't need the flexible legs, can I just buy the Mount part by itself? Yes, the tabMount is available by itself.
Will this hold a Kindle, Nexus, etc...? It will hold any tablet up to 8.25" (209mm) wide or tall. If your tablet is taller than 8.25", or wider than 8.25", it will not fit. Please note: if the camera on your tablet is right in the middle, it may be blocked when using this product.

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