MOS Menos Magnetic Cable Organiser

The MOS Menos
The original MOS (available separately) is a unique and elegant solution for organising the cables in your home or office. The MOS Menos is the little brother of the original MOS. It’s small size makes it perfect to mount in your car, or take with you on any long trips.

The MOS Menos solves the need to keep control over our frequently used computer cables in an unobtrusive way. The MOS keeps your cables right where you need them..

Magnetic Cable Tie
Included is one MOS cable tie to give any cable a little extra sticking power.

Airstick Base
A layer of micro-suction called Airstick comes with every Menos. This non-sticky high friction tape uses thousands of microscopic air pockets to secure the MOS to your desk without any residue.

Wall Mount Sticky
Included in every Menos kit is a 3M double sided adhesive layer that fits perfectly onto the underside of each MOS Menos. This will securely hold your cables vertically.

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