Moshi iVisor Air Anti-Glare Screen Protector for MacBook Air

  • iVisor Air for MacBook Air is an advanced screen protector completely re-designed with improved features over its successful predecessor. Keeping its tradition of being the world's easiest screen protector to apply, iVisor Air utilizes new multilayer coating technologies to ensure absolute clarity. It also incorporates a new type of adhesive to allow repeated cleaning and re-application of the iVisor Air, giving you much greater flexibility.


    • Proprietary technology ensures that iVisor Air is 100% bubble-free upon installation.
    • Utilizes new multi-layered structure for greater clarity and sharpness.
    • iVisor Pro can be washed and reapplied repeatedly.
    • Surface treatment provides enhanced scratch and finger print resistance.
    • High transparency ensures minimal impact to brightness.
  • Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to install iVisor Pro on your MacBook:
    Step 1
    Use the microfiber cloth included in the package to wipe away any dust particles on the LCD screen.
    Tilt the LCD screen to the maximum angle for easy installation.
    Step 3
    Peel off iVisor Pro』s backside protective film (labeled #1) gently before applying to screen.
    Step 4
    Align iVisor Pro starting at the top; make sure iVisor Pro』s circular opening aligns with MacBook's camera.
    Step 5
    Gently apply pressure around the borders of iVisor Pro to secure it in place.


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