Parrot Flower Power Bluetooth Plant Monitor

Parrot brings the Internet to your garden with Parrot Flower Power, the first smart wireless sensor equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology. It connects to your smartphone or tablet and helps maintain and grow your plants, thanks to a dedicated application developed in collaboration with international scientists.
In a pot or in open ground, Parrot Flower Power monitors and analyses 4 criteria that are crucial to plant growth: soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.
Rookie gardeners, expert planters or involuntary serial plant killers… Join the ‘eco-geek’ movement!

Key Features:
• 4 sensors measuring sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and soil conductivity (fertilizer level)
• Data transfer over Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy)
• Free 'Parrot Flower Power' App for smartphones and tablets available on App Store & Google Play
• Push notifications to alert user of plant’s needs
• Library of over 7,000 plants in a database developed by botanists
• Waterproof structure to support watering and rain
• Works indoor and outdoor in loam, potting soil, sandy loam

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