RhinoShield SolidSuit Brushed Steel Rugged Case For iPhone 8/7


The beauty of brushed steel without the reduction in signal. The SolidSuit is a case made from high quality materials with 11 feet drop protection.


absorbs impacts of at least 11 feet

Certified with 11 feet drop protection, a RhinoShield signature feature. Get ready to be amazed once more as your phone takes drop after drop and still look like it just came off the assembly line.


Synergies between Look, Feel and Protection

The SolidSuit uses SHOCKSPREAD Technology to provide top notch protection. A finish of carbon fiber, marble or brushed steel is layered upon the case to provide its premium feel. The resulting look, feel and protection makes this case the last case you will ever need.


Signature Features
The SolidSuit is the slimmest 11 feet drop protection iPhone case that doesn't reduce the signal.

Slim and Lightweight
At under 2 millimeters wide, and under one ounce, the case has a lightweight footprint.

Special Molding
Our advanced molding technology provides the SolidSuit with a good grip and buttons with great tactile feedback.

Hybrid material
The SolidSuit has a hard outer shell and a soft honeycomb structure lining. It is firm, flexible and stays in shape.

ShockSpread Technology
The interior of the case is lined with a honeycomb structure that creates air cushions to absorb and spread shock energy. It is certified with RhinoShield’s signature 11 feet drop protection.

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